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XSBase Statistics
17/03/12 12:58PM GeneralEN

Today we did a rough count of the amounts of code that XSBase uses to perform all the tasks it is programmed to do, we were surprised with the results.

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Our Services

We design hardware and/or software on client specification and advise and guide the client how to produce that product. This means that these products are custom designed according to the wishes of the client. When the product is finished and approved by the client, the client is the owner of the product and can mass produce and sell the product. For more information, see the Products section.

Our Products

We also sell products that have been designed on initiative of Holland System Design. These products are property of Holland System Design, a client can buy a system for his own purpose and if he wishes leave the maintenance up to Holland System Design. See the H.S.D. Products section for an overview.